Last names contained in family protocols and stories:

Bravo Eiland Isaacks Sheffer
Breisacher Ferguson Jaffe Thomas
Brill Furth Kohn Tucker
Brown Garcia Lagun Ungar
Caplan Glick Leyman Vance
Cohn Goldberg Lowrie Wilcsek
Day Gruner Orgel Wissier
DeTuscan Halasz Pottok  
Driskell Hurmai Savage  

Updated (as of 6/25/2011) Eiland Family Tree, using MacFamilyTree software, going back to Papa Rudy's and Grandma's parents, the Eilands and Wilcseks respectively.

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Historic events in the backdrop:

WWII / Nazi concentration camps
Guyan River Flood in Logan County, WVA 1917
Coal mines, miners and the Coal Mine Wars in WVA early 1900s
Hatfields and McCoys
Logan fire in 1930s
Early Jewish temple in Logan, WVA

Stories from Logan Reunion '08

Many, maybe most, of these stories are probably told in more detail in Uncle Fred's narrative immediately below. But a few don't appear; plus it's interesting to see what gets retold (maybe added to?!) anyway. :-)
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Uncle Fred's Narrative on the Eilands

My Uncle Fred Eiland’'s Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Eilands – But Were Afraid to Ask updated in March, 2004 from an earlier 1998 version is available for downloading in PDF. It contains numerous valuable, humorous and interesting family biographical and historical facts and stories, going back to family members born in the early 1900s.
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Eiland Family Remembrances from ~ 2000, from old website

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My Mom, Lillian Jaffe Eiland's, Obituary

Lillian Jaffe Eiland, 86, of Orlando, FL, formerly of Huntington, WVA, died Saturday, January 19, 2008 in Orlando. She was born March 26, 1921 in Huntington, a daughter by birth of Sandor Lagun and Rae Marguerite Cuttler Jaffe. Shew was a member of the B'Nai Sholom Congregation and very active with the Surfside Players in Cocoa Beach, FL, having served as president and acted in a number of productions. She was preceded in death by her husband, Theodore Anthony "Ted" Eiland, with whom she owned and ran WKKO radio station in Cocoa, FL, and her father Isidore Jaffe of Huntington. She is survived by her four sons, Howard A. Eiland, Stuart A. Eiland, Robert A. Eiland and Richard A. Eiland; and 10 grandchildren. Graveside services were held on Thursday, January 24, 2008 at the B'Nai Israel Section of Spring Hill Cemetery, Huntington, by Rabbi David Wucher. Expressions of sympathy may be made to B'Nai Sholom Congregation, P. O. Box 2674, Huntington, WV 25726.

To My Other Mother - by Stella Eiland

You will be in my memory and my thoughts. In my heart there will be a celebration of your life and spirit.
I celebrate your style, your sweetness, your loving heart, and your love of music and theater.
The love of your family that surrounded you - of your sons, your husband and your grandchildren - will always be in their hearts.
You are like a gentle breeze blowing through my mind.

My Eulogy for Mom

A couple of months after Mom passed away, I was driving alone in my car at night listening to music from my iPod's Favorite Songs playlist. A song came up that I really got into. I don't remember what it was, but I do remember thinking, "Mom would have loved this song; God, I wish I could turn her on to it."

I was flooded with this complex set of memories and emotions. I pulled over. I remembered how I used to come home from college and play DJ for Mom, the woman who was perhaps the first female DJ in Tennessee - or at least according to our family legend. If there were a song I was enamored of, she wanted to hear it - whether she felt the same way about it or not. And I turned her on to a bunch of songs, even a couple by Jimi Hendrix. Of course, doing so was scant payback for the wealth of jazz standards and Broadway songs she and Dad introduced to all of us.

Mom was her sons' and husband's personal cheerleader. She listened to each of us as though we were the most important persons in the world. Well, in her world, we were. She comforted us when we sought it - okay, and maybe sometimes when we didn't. She worried about us. A lot. Too much we thought at the time. As parents ourselves now, we know better.

My freshman year in college, my first time living away from home, was a time in my life when I was troubled but adventurous. I was jumbled up inside, searching, rejecting conventions around me while trying to find, or make, my own path. It was a kind of life passage many of us went through in our own ways.

Once, when I was home on break, Mom and I were driving somewhere around Cocoa Beach, just the two of us. Out of the blue she started asking me what was going on. Her questions - and this is no small thing, especially for a parent - were completely devoid of any judgment. They were direct, but they seemed to arise only from a place of pure caring. I was moved to respond completely honestly, even expansively. At the end of that ride, she bestowed upon me this amazing gift: her acceptance of me as a young adult - and her trust.

Whenever any of us came home from being away, Mom lit up like a menorah to see our faces. And later, whenever she saw her grandchildren...well for her, that was like the Second Coming, if I can use that metaphor in this place. Her grandchildren were her pride and joy, her favorite treats.

Mom delighted in all of us. She placed her hope and faith in us. Mom cried for us. And now we cry for her. Everything is different without Dad and her.

But we still delight in what she and Dad gave us to keep forever: surely the memories of who they were as people, and the love and pride we feel for them; but also, the knowledge of how deeply loved and valued we have been, of how proud they were of us.

We brothers who are now parents love our children fearsomely, abidingly, indescribably. Thea, Charlie, and all of Mom's and Dad's grandchildren, the love your dads hold for you, how we love you, how powerfully: part of that is Grammy's and Grampa's love living on in us, passing through us and living on and growing inside of you.

And no doubt, the best part.

My Dad, Ted Eiland's, Obit from Florida Today newspaper in Cocoa, Beach, FL, and a brief appreciation I wrote

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A Poem / Remembrance I wrote for my father-in-law, Charles Driskell


A walk-right-in ease that welcomed you effortlessly like
opening the door to

the aroma of homemade soup on the stove; for he had boiled
off any pretension or pettiness to serve
up what's gracious about good people: a quiet
knowing of what's in your heart and the sorrow
in his; a loving pride from his soul for
his family, yes, a distinct love for each different
one; an unswerving fix on your better sides with
an abiding acceptance of your
frailties; an ear and a hand for your troubles, and a
for your hopes.

To look for real into Charlie's eyes, to love
and be loved by him, was to know
God's grace.

Aunt Martha Hawkins' wonderful remembrance of Charles Driskell

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